The Need for Greater Robust Infrastructure: Parvez Iftikhar

Parvez Iftikhar has the expertise that involves the setup and dissemination of the Universal Service Funds for the Telecom sector and has delivered projects which have ultimately helped thousands of people across the globe.

He is quite optimistic about the growing economy of Pakistan in comparison to other countries, but there is a lot need to be done. In the age of Information, a robust and dynamic infrastructure is imperative for the success of ICT.

He urged the need of unrestricted equal access to optic fiber, both in metropolitan cities and rural areas. In metropolitan cities, a proper access to internet leads to the existence of many companies and new startups. Without any proper infrastructure and better utilization of it, the industry will suffer and it won’t be good for the economy of Pakistan. In rural areas, he expressed the need of access for better conveyance of information and awareness in people. For the progress of a country, not only metropolitan cities need to be empowered. Rural areas also should never be left behind.

At present, the infrastructure available in the large cities is fine but does create problems when pushed to its limits. Meanwhile in rural areas, there is still a desperate need for proper backbone of optical fiber. “Information Services are available but we need infrastructure to help deliver what is needed”, Iftikhar said.

Different sectors have showed interest for the widespread growth of ICT. Telecom companies are even motivated to implement the systems. The Ministry is not the only stakeholder – the Government must take the lead so Pakistan take continue to advantage of all that ICT has to offer.

This interview was conducted at the ITCN Asia 2016. TheNewSpaces is a Strategic Partner for the ITCN Asia 2016.

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