Solving One Critical Problem at a Time: Ammar Jaffri

“Lack of communication within provinces, even within the departments of a same province is a very big problem,” begins Ammar Jaffri. Speaking with the TNS team at the ITCN 2016 conference, Jaffri described the silos of information that exist across the country. “There is very good work being done, but the information is just not being shared.” One provincial department has no idea what is happening in other province, therefore a lot of duplicated efforts. “There can’t be any progress if there is no sharing of data and information.”

Jaffri talked about the E-Village model and the role it is positioned as a centralized, unifying platform to solve this problem. “Connectivity is the ultimate enabler and it completely levels the playing field. Only if there is quality connectivity available, will it help for social entrepreneurship to flourish, which means the overall economy will thrive.”

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship takes place when the infrastructure enables growth. “Citizens must  take responsibility themselves and create example of how a problem can be solved for the government. They should not solely rely for the government to initiate a solution for their problems.”

He discussed his visits to different provinces of Pakistan and different of mindset and traditional values of every area. Women empowerment is very important in this current time and age but we also need to make sure that we respect their values and not force anything on them. We need to accommodate people according to the environment they are living in. It can’t be expected from women of different areas to go out of homes and work. We should provide such options that they can work from home and contribute to the positive development of society. “There is no lack of talent,” says Jaffri, “just the poor utilization of resources and no planning.”

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