Cost of Private Data Centers is Too High: Shahzaib Khan, RapidCompute

Cybernet has always been a dedicated service provider in Pakistani market. Because RapidCompute is a Cloud service provider in Pakistan with their infrastructure hosted within the country, it makes sense for it to be a product of the connectivity.

Companies must be accountable to the end user when it comes to delivery of service and meeting customer expectation. In a time when basic connectivity determines the rate of growth at which economies can thrive, the need for quality becomes unquestionable. The Cloud, after all, cannot exist if there isn’t high speed, redundant and reliable connectivity. Shahzaib Khan, RapidCompute Associate VP says, “there needs to be greater certification standards for the better utilization of resources and service to consumers. Substandard policies will do no good and only frustrate the users.” RapidCompute is ISO certified and PCIDSS compliant.

The Total Cost of Ownership for Data Centers is just too high without enough effective utility in place. Service providers who are able to help with cost reduction and managed solutions, will benefit customers in the long run.

Presently, RapidCompute has 3 pods in Karachi and 1 in Lahore. They are also in process of deploying a new pod in Islamabad.

This interview was conducted at the ITCN Asia 2016. TheNewSpaces was the Strategic Partner for the ITCN Asia 2016

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